2011 Camp Prep Preview

We know you are busy preparing for camp, and we are here to help!

Getting parents, and maybe even church leaders, on board with camp can be tough! Did you know? You can remind parents and leaders that CentriKid promises some GREAT things at camp! You can count on solid biblical content for your kids at camp.  Throughout the day, campers are encouraged to examine what it means to have a relationship with God.  We create a safe place physically as well as a safe environment for these spiritual conversations to happen.  The details of camp are taken care of because ministry through relationships is the most effective way to connect with kids.  CentriKid staff lead age-specific Bible study groups where the kids are able to grow and learn with kids their own age.  We create kid-friendly programming and challenge kids with the message of Christ so you have the freedom to invest in developing deeper relationships with them.

Photo Credit: www.losthatch.comPeople who work in kids ministry are BUSY! You have lots of responsibilities, and often more to keep up with than you can handle, right? We are committed to making it easy on the folks who bring kids to camp. Our 2011 Camp Prep series is coming soon and will run every Monday from March 21 through May 23.  Here is a sneak peek of everything we’ll talk about to help you get ready for CentriKid this summer:

#1 Group Leader Information (coming March 21)

#2 Fundraising Ideas (coming March 28)

#3 Team Assistant Program (coming April 4)

#4 What you’ll see at CentriKid this summer! (coming April 11)

#5 Parent Meeting (coming April 18)

#6 Location Specific Details (coming April 25)

#7 Before & After Camp Devotions (coming May 2)

#8 Planning the Road Trip (coming May 9)

#9  T-Minus 2 Weeks, and Counting (coming May 16)

#10 What to Expect when you Arrive at CentriKid (coming May 23)

What other topics should we cover before camp arrives?  How can we help you get your group ready for camp?  You can comment on this post or ask a question on the CentriKid Facebook page.

Mary Carlisle

Mary is a University of Mobile grad, with a BA in English and Theology. She worked with CentriKid Camp starting as a staffer in 2007 and began working in the camp office in 2010. She joined the VBS team in November of 2012.

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