OMC: 6 Ways to Make it Even Better!

Here in the CentriKid Camps office, we are always thinking of ways to make OMC better! We even have fun new editions of OMC for you to use with your own group. The messier, the crazier, the more outrageous you can make OMC, the more fun you and your kids are going to have! Here are a few practical ideas for taking your Organized Mass Chaos to the next level:

Play OMC in the rain. Who doesn’t want to get soaked during OMC?! This way, every kid is drenched and you don’t even have to fill 500 water balloons.

Use more shaving cream! Remember, the messier the better! Buy 10+ cans to up the craziness.

Place a slip n’ slide near the middle of the field for kids to use.

Add 1 or 2 sprinklers throughout the playing area.

Dress up with costumes and face paint! Encourage kids to dress/paint up. You can even have kids make a costume according to a theme!

Do team cheers! Have each team write and perform a cheer for the entire group. Encourage them to add funky motions and act crazy.

These are just a few ways of how to make your OMC even better. Feel free to comment with your own ideas. Also, don’t forget that November 10th is National OMC Day! How will you celebrate?


Jessica Herrell

Jessica is a Maryville College grad with a Physical Ed and Health degree, and has worked at camp since 2009. Jessica joined our office team as the department intern in August 2011.

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