Blast from the Past: Treasurehood

We are all counting down the days until CentriKid 2012 begins! New theme, new content, new videos, new fun! But before any of that goes down, we thought it would be awesome if we took a look back over the next few weeks and remember the summer that was, CentriKid 2011. Do you remember? We were on Shipwreck Island and we all discovered how God provides for us as children of God. One particular element last year was the epic adventure of Treasurehood. Many of you have asked for us to post these the series again, so consider this wish granted! Check back each Friday over the next several weeks as we take a step back in time to remember Sam’s journey as he discovers how God provided for him. Enjoy!

Andy Dukes

Andy serves as Event Coordinator for LifeWay Kids. He graduated from Murray State University in Kentucky. He served on summer staff (Crosspoint & CentriKid) for 7 summers and moved full-time at LifeWay in 2008. Andy's wife, Meghan, is a 2nd grade teacher and they attend Redeemer Church in Hendersonville, TN where he serves both on the worship team and also as a community group leader.

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