2013 CentriKid Prep #11.5: New and Improved OMC

At CentriKid, we are always looking for ways that we can make camp better. In August of each year, we take a look at the previous summer and evaluate what’s working great and what improvements need to be made.

This year we have made several changes that we believe will enhance your experience at CentriKid Camps. As you most likely already know, we have revised the schedule so that kids will be in smaller Bible study teams and have shortened track times to better fit the attention span of campers and increased the number of track times offered from two tracks to three tracks.

Along with those two awesome improvements that we believe will make campers, adult sponsors, and staff have an even better time than you already do, we have also made a minor change to our favorite game, Organized Mass Chaos. When we evaluated OMC after CentrKid 2012, we realized that it has really just become too chaotic. The shaving cream and water from all the busted water balloons on the field have made the grass too slippery, which has resulted in too many fallen campers, adults, and staffers. We’ve also gotten several complaints from people near our locations that it has become too noisy with all of the screaming and laughter happening during OMC. Because of this, we have added just a few rules that everyone will now have to follow during each game of OMC.

In the past there have been three rules:
1. You can’t say no.
2. No flying through the No Fly Zone.
3. Return all Equipment to the No Fly Zone.

The additional rules that will be implemented starting in the summer of 2013 are:
1. You cannot run.
2. No talking.
3. No smiling.
4. Only a quarter-sized portion of shaving cream for each participant.

We know this will be a minor adjustment for everyone, but we are dedicated to making CentriKid a safe place for all participants, and we are so excited about the fun we will have this year at OMC!

Ellie Doom

Ellie graduated from Murray State University with a degree in Public Relations/Youth and Nonprofit Leadership. She has worked camp since 2010 and joined our office team in August of 2012.


ON 04.01.2013 Spencer SAID:

Yuck!! I hope this is an April fools joke;)

ON 04.01.2013 Shayla Hale SAID:

So, who’s fooln’ who here – :)! Too funny! We can’t wait for OMC . . . our favorite day of CentriKid! My favorite part of working the No Fly Zone – LOTS OF SHAVING CREAM!!!!

ON 04.01.2013 Jennifer Smith SAID:

I will make sure our kids begin practicing not smiling now. We’ve been working on the not talking part, but so far no luck. Maybe they will listen to you. And, is that a quarter size dollop of shaving cream measured as it’s coming out of the can or after it expands? These tips are invaluable to a first time Centri-Kid counselor. Thanks!

ON 04.01.2013 Chris Harding SAID:

HA! April Fools!