What We Love About Bible Studies for Life

Today is the last day of the Bible Studies for Life Giveaway! Before we lead you to the winner, take a look at some awesome features about Bible Studies for Life that we and churches who have tried it out already love.



Bible Studies for Life – Kids is a great curriculum that we know will be used to disciple kids and strengthen families. The One Conversation Page and the Family App are both super helpful tools that will allow parents to connect with their kids of all ages and ask them questions to continue the learning process even after they’re at home.

This curriculum is age-appropriate and really reaches out to kids on a level that they can understand and get excited about. Bible Studies for Life – Kids provides a plan for kids to learn the way God has wired them to learn.

Another great feature is that all units connect to the other age groups with a common life application concept. Twice a year, the whole family is on the exact same Scripture/ Story for six weeks, which will continue to connect them even more. And most importantly, Bible Studies for Life – Kids is completely rooted in Scripture.

Make sure you check it out at www.biblestudiesforlife.com if you haven’t already!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Bible Studies for Life giveaway this week. Click here to see who won!

Ellie Doom

Ellie graduated from Murray State University with a degree in Public Relations/Youth and Nonprofit Leadership. She has worked camp since 2010 and joined our office team in August of 2012.

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