Campbellsville University

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ATTN: CentriKid Camps
Camper/Church Name
1 University Drive UPO 883
Campbellsville, KY 42718

Kaleb Smith

Assistant Director:
Betsy Lyle

Camp Cell
(615) 657-9252

Camp E-mail:

Camp Pastors

June 12-16, June 23-25, June 26-30

Shane Garrison

June 19-23

Eric Geiger

July 3-7

Jerry Wooley

July 10-14, July 14-16

Jeff Land

July 17-21

Brian Dembowczyk

Worship Leaders

June 12-16, June 19-23, June 23-25, July 3-7, July 17-21

Jonathan and Emily Martin

June 26-30

Drawing from Heaven

July 10-14, July 14-16

Jamie Lawerence

Dates for 2017 Camps

Dates for 2017 Camps
Campbellsville University WEEKEND Campbellsville KY 7/14 7/16 $162
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Campbellsville University WEEKEND Campbellsville KY 6/23 6/25 $162
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Campbellsville University Campbellsville KY 7/02 7/06 $299
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Campbellsville University Campbellsville KY 7/17 7/21 $299
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Campbellsville University Campbellsville KY 7/10 7/14 $299
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Campbellsville University Campbellsville KY 6/26 6/30 $299
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Campbellsville University Campbellsville KY 6/19 6/23 $299
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Campbellsville University Campbellsville KY 6/12 6/16 $299
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Don't Miss This

Don't Miss This

The staff we work alongside at Campbellsville is fantastic and dedicated to going above and beyond to make it a great week at camp! The campus is beautiful and is a small campus in a quiet town and is very close together, which makes keeping up with campers and getting to see them at rec and during tracks easy.
Things To Know

Things to Know

When you arrive on campus, you will follow the CentriKid flags to the center of campus to a place called “Books and Beans.” There our staff will take your kids and you will go inside with your camp director to get checked in.

After check-in, your kids will need to take a swim test on that first day. Be sure to communicate to kids and adults that they should plan to take the swim test if they want to swim in the deep end. Kids may still swim in the shallow end without taking the swim test. If kids from your group happen to miss the test during check-in, we will offer a make-up test after church-group devotions on the first day only.

Housing Information

Housing Information

Most housing is dorm style for boys and girls (2/room) with bath on hall. One of the boys’ dorms features 4 individual bedrooms with a shared bathroom. All beds will be twin XL size. There are some situations where there may be 3/room. If this is the case, you will be aware of this before your arrival at camp.

Sheets and towels are NOT provided.

Housing will be determined when we have received participant lists for the churches attending camp for the week. Please make sure to send in your participant grid at least 2 weeks before camp! You'll be hearing from the CentriKid staff regarding your housing before your arrival to camp.

What to Eat and Where to Hang Out

What to Eat and Where to Hang Out

The Davenport Student Commons houses a Starbucks, a Chick-Fil-A Express and a computer area that can be utilized by leaders to check email, etc. There also is a campus bookstore in that building that sells drinks, candy, and other items that campers can take advantage of during hang time.

Wifi is available in the dorm lobbies and most common areas on campus. There will be an area in Books & Beans (library) that will have internet access all day for adults to stop in and hang out with each other, check email, and just have a few quiet moments away from the craziness of camp.

For those late-night snackers, the Chick Fil A campus connection will have the late night menu available again. You can pre-order items for church group time by using this form.  NOTE: There are two order forms -- a general order form (for 11am-9pm), and a late-night menu (for 9-10pm). All late night orders must be turned in by 5:30pm on the day of your order.

Campbellsville now has a Papa John's and the Tigerville Grille on campus available for meals or snacks. Be sure to check out their menus prior to your arrival so that you can plan accordingly.