Ridgecrest Conference Center

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ATTN: CentriKid Camps
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Hannah Nock

Assistant Director:
Jordan Davis

Camp Cell
(615) 657-9251

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Camp Pastors

June 10-14, June 15-19

David Pearson

June 20-24

Allen Flood

North Vernon, IN

June 25-29

Tim Wells

Baytown, TX

Worship Leaders

June 10-14, June 15-19

Dylan Arms

Greenville, SC

June 20-24, June 25-29

Scarlet Fade

Dates for 2016 Camps

Dates for 2016 Camps
Ridgecrest Conference Center Ridgecrest NC June 20 June 24 $315
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Ridgecrest Conference Center Ridgecrest NC June 25 June 29 $315
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Ridgecrest Conference Center Ridgecrest NC June 10 June 14 $315
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Ridgecrest Conference Center Ridgecrest NC June 15 June 19 $315
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Things To Know

Things to Know

There is not a pool on campus at Ridgecrest, but we will offer lots of fun water games for campers during tracks and hang time.

The closest WalMart is 20 minutes away, so you may want to bring all the snacks/water/etc that you are going to need with you.

Housing Information

Housing Information

All housing is hotel style, with a bathroom attached to each individual room. There are two full beds in each room, and Ridgecrest will assign you rooms based on 4/room. You can determine sleeping arrangements based on your church’s requirements.

Bedding is provided, but towels are NOT.

Housing will be determined when Ridgecrest has received participant lists for the churches attending camp for the week. Please make sure to send in your participant grid at least 2 weeks before camp! You'll hear more about your group's specific housing before your arrival to camp.
What to Eat and Where to Hang Out

What to Eat and Where to Hang Out

The coffee shop, Clouds, is a great place to hang out and get something to drink.

Ridgecrest offers disc golf, putt-putt golf, multiple hiking trails, and more! If you have questions or need more information about recreation options, call 828.669.4844.

Your church can reserve a fire ring for one of the nights after church group devotion. Email centrikid@lifeway.com to let us know what date you wish to reserve, and which fire ring. ((Mountain Laurel Fire Ring seats up to 100 people / Royal Gorge Fire Ring seats about 30)) Both rings are a short walk from the ARC where CentriKid worship takes place.