10 Ways to Appreciate Volunteers

Words can never quite explain the importance of volunteers, but we must never become complacent in trying to show them just how thankful we are.

Here are the 10 ways we can show volunteers our appreciation throughout the year:

1. Keep them in the loop! Give them frequent updates on new events or activities you are planning. When they see that you are including them in even the small details of your ministry, they will get excited about working toward the same goal as you.

2. Ask for feedback. Brainstorm with them to come up with solutions to problems and creative ways to become a more effective ministry.

3. Write thank-you notes. This is a simple task that can really impact the person receiving the note. Point out specific reasons you’re thankful for them and something you saw them do exceptionally well. They’ll be encouraged and ready to continue serving.

4. Have informal get-togethers! Invite them to your house for dinner or ask them to lunch. Don’t settle for a work-only relationship but get to know them personally.

5. Recognize birthdays and special events!

6. Surprise them with their favorite snack on random days to show your appreciation goes beyond special events.

7. Let them design a volunteer t-shirt. This gives them a sense of ownership in the ministry, and let’s them feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves.

8. Recognize them in front of the church. Let everyone know just how much the volunteers do and just how important they are.

9. Have a Christmas party and give them gifts of appreciation. Personalize the gifts—don’t give every volunteer the exact same thing.

10. Take photographs of them volunteering. Post the pictures on Facebook or a bulletin board at church. Let them and others see the impact they are making in your ministry and the lives of kids.

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