Finding a Big God in Little Things

I was sitting at my desk a couple days ago writing the basketball track time manual that all of our basketball tracks at CentriKid will go by this summer. While working on it, I created the coolest basketball game for kids of all time… OK, that’s probably a pretty extreme statement and not entirely true, but I did create a basketball game for kids that I think sounds awesome and that I really want to play, so it’s practically the same thing.

At CentriKid Camps, we look to connect everything we do back to God’s Word and how it applies to campers’ lives and our lives, so after I completed the game, I started trying to figure out a debrief that connects this basketball game to the Bible study theme of Day 2 which also connects to the Gospel. Call me pessimistic, but my initial thought while looking at this is that it would be impossible to find a connection. I had created a random basketball game designed to help kids work on their dribbling skills and to have a ton of fun. Honestly, a connection to the Gospel wasn’t on my mind right when I was making up the rules to this game.

As I sat there and tried to decide if I should just find a different game that relates better, I saw a connection that could be made. I ran with it, and when I was finished writing it, I had a spiritual debrief that connected my random basketball game to the Bible study lesson and the Gospel without taking anything out of context or having to stretch to make it work. It just fit.

I was reminded all over again that the word of God is alive and active and applies to every aspect of our lives—even something as small as a kids’ basketball game. Ask God to show you how He’s working in the minor details of your life. Let Him have control over the things that you feel are impossible for Him to care about because He does care about them, and He wants to take even them smallest burden away from you. As you go through each day, seek Him in everything, and you will find Him in everything.

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