Two Important Phrases to Remember in your Ministry & your Life

As you journey forward in both your life and your ministry, you will always find yourself working with other people. Biblically, we need one another for encouragement and to cover each other’s weaknesses. Because relationships are your most valuable resource in life, there are a few key phrases you should work to make a part of your normal vocabulary. When used properly, these phrases tend to go unnoticed. When forgotten or neglected, the negative impact is surprisingly damaging.

“Thank you.”
A simple “thank you” communicates your gratitude in the smallest way, but carries the biggest impact. Take a second and think of all the people who have done something for you this week, or even just today. Did you thank them? While a “thank you” costs us nothing, it says to others that you appreciate and see the value in what they have done for you. Many times, you may not even know what all has gone into their act of service. Thanking them helps to build a stronger relationship– be it with your mom, your spouse, your volunteers, or the lady at the check out line. Saying “thanks” with a sincere heart adds value to others.

“I’m sorry.”
Learning to¬†apologize can be one of the most difficult, yet valuable lessons you will ever learn. Nobody likes to apologize, because it implies that you have done something wrong. The key in both your life and your ministry is to learn to apologize– not only for your mistakes, but also for the circumstances that are beyond your control. At the end of the day, it rarely matters who’s fault something is. The people in your life may not stop to tell you they appreciate your apology, but it certainly goes noticed when you opt to remain silent. Take one for the team, be the bigger person, and humble yourself by simply offering an apology. The earlier it is offered, the better it is received.

Laura Register

Laura graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Counseling and Human Development Services, focusing on Recreation Management. She began working for CentriKid in the summer of 2010 and joined the office staff in 2012.

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