Meet our Newest Teammate: Adrienne Smith


We are excited to introduce you all to our newest office team member, Adrienne Smith. Adrienne served with us last summer as a team leader on CK4 at Anderson University, and has graciously agreed to step in and join us as we prepare for another great summer of ministry. She will be working in the office with us this semester and throughout the summer, helping to coordinate some of the logistics of camp. Be sure to look for her on the blog, as well as at our upcoming events!

Adrienne will be working with us as we communicate with churches, prepare inventory, write material, and a host of other tasks. We are beyond excited to have another set of hands on the team, but we are especially excited to welcome someone so fun, sweet, and willing to give it her all!

Adrienne is from the great state of Virginia, has a twin sister, and isĀ pursuingĀ her religion degree at Liberty University. Her favorite color is green and her favorite book is Pride and Prejudice.


Laura Register

Laura graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Counseling and Human Development Services, focusing on Recreation Management. She began working for CentriKid in the summer of 2010 and joined the office staff in 2012.

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