Four Reasons to Write Thank You Notes

Here are four reasons you should actually write thank you notes to express appreciation for the people you serve with:

  1. A hand-written thank-you note sets you apart from the majority of people who don’t take the time to be intentionally appreciative.
  2. It only takes a jiffy to jot a quick note and share something specific that you are thankful for.  Remember, this doesn’t have to be a novel, and in some cases it only has to be a sentence or two.
  3. A note is better than an email.  Even though its quick, it does take more time than just firing off a quick email.  Since email is so much of a day-to-day communication form, writing a note shows that you’ve gone above and beyond to say thanks.
  4. A note is more meaningful than most other forms of communication and a card or note is something that can last.  It always amazes me to see notes I’ve written pinned to a co-worker’s desk or wall, but it goes to show that the expression of thanks was meaningful and that they wanted to hang on to the memento.

Not everybody is naturally inclined to write thank-you notes, but everybody should be able to express their appreciation to someone for something specific they said or did.  I’ve heard it said that “if you don’t write a note, you aren’t thankful.”  When I heard that, I realized how far a note goes when showing someone how important they are to you.

Take a moment to jot a note today for someone you appreciate.  You can hand-deliver it or mail it, but I’m confident that a hand-written note has the power to brighten someone’s day.

Jeremy Echols

JE leads the camp team, finds new camp locations, plans training, and lots of other projects. He loves spending family time with his wife Emily and their daughter Madison.

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