How to Start Conversations With Kids

At CentriKid, we often say that “Ministry happens best in the context of relationships.” Those relationships with the kids in your ministry can be started with conversation, but sometimes starting a conversation can be a huge challenge. Before I worked camp, I was nervous about starting conversations with campers in order to share the Gospel with them. Perhaps you or the volunteers in your ministry feel the same way about striking up a conversation with a kid.

Here are three simple tips that have helped me start conversations with the kids at CentriKid and at my church:

1.) Be on their level.
CentriKid staff are taught to always take a knee or sit down when talking to a kid. Kids are way more comfortable when they don’t have to look up to talk to you. Sometimes that means going down to one knee, sitting down, or sitting on the floor to be able to make a kid comfortable enough to interact with you.

2.) Be persistent.
Sometimes, you have to patient and persistent to start a conversation with a kid. Always have a quite a few “icebreaker” questions on hand to ask. Keep questions open-ended, and try to find something that he or she likes and run with it! Don’t give up! Keep trying and before long, the kid will be telling you all about his or her favorite sport, hobby, or what they do for fun at home.

3.) Be intentional.
Every conversation with the kids in your ministry can lead to Christ. That’s why we do kids ministry! After the conversation has started, find ways to bring every topic back to the Gospel. God has given us the opportunity to start a conversation with a kid, so use every chance to share about Jesus!



Micheal Walley has served with us the past two summers as a CentriKid team leader and an actor. He will be serving this summer as the Director for CK7. Micheal is a student at Mississippi College in Clinton, Mississippi.



CentriKid is a 5 day, 4 night camp for 3rd - 6th graders to experience the time of their lives and learn more about the message of Jesus Christ!

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