2013 CentriKid Prep #12: Planning the Road Trip

As the summer gets closer we know that you are working hard to finalize all of your preparations for camp! An important part of this process is planning the road trip!

A good place to start is to put together a roll sheet of all your students coming to camp. You can use your participant list as a roll sheet. (Don’t forget to send your participant list to your camp’s email two weeks prior to camp!) Click here to download the participant list template. Whatever you use as a roll sheet, make sure to check off your kids as they get on and off the bus!  This will be extremely helpful when stopping for breaks. Safety is very important to us and this roll sheet will help ensure you get all of your campers to CentriKid safely.

The next step to planning your road trip is to plan out your route to camp ahead of time. Plan your stops and breaks before getting on the road.

Another step to planning the road trip is to have a plan if your bus or van breaks down.  As some of you may know and have learned the hard way, church vans are famous for breaking down on the way to camp.  It is always best to over prepare!  Have a plan set just in case.

Once you arrive at camp, make sure to let your camper’s parents know that you have arrived safely. Get their numbers ahead of time. If you have texting, you could send them all a group text to let them know you have arrived and to give them updates throughout the week!

As you head to camp don’t forget to prepare to be asked “Are we there yet?” about a million times!


Are you looking for ways to make your trip to camp fun and memorable? Check out these ideas for awesome games to play on the bus!

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