Why Investing in Your Kids All Year is Awesome

As soon as the summer ends, our staffers begin anxiously awaiting for the following June to roll around.  To say the least,  they look forward to camp all year long.  If you are an adult that has been involved with CentriKid,  you also know the excitement that stirs as you load the vans and begin the journey to camp. At the end of the week you are sad to leave but have already looked at dates for camp next year. For many kids, camp is the best week of the entire year. Let’s just say it… camp is awesome!

However, investing in your kids all year is awesome, too! In fact, investing in your kids all year is necessary for their growth and spiritual development.

Many kids accept Jesus Christ into their hearts at camp and VBS type settings. BIG week experiences can have a major impact on kids and are often the catalyst to their walk with Christ. At CentriKid, we are able to pour into your kids for one week. If you break this down… this is a very short amount of time. We have your kids for one week but you have 51 weeks to invest in the lives of your kids. You have 360 days to pour into the kids in your ministry.

Are you looking for a great resource to help you invest in your kids all year long? If so you need to check out Bible Studies for Life. 

Bible Studies for Life – Kids has been especially designed to help disciple kids and strengthen families. 

By going to this website you can download three free preview lessons! Click that link right now for scripture centered content you can trust… you won’t regret it!

Since this new curriculum is launching this fall, we wanted to give you the opportunity to win an entire year of Bible Studies for Life for your church… AND an iPad mini! How you ask? Find out here. Hurry! You only have until Thursday to enter!

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