2013 CentriKid Prep #15: What to Expect when You Arrive

We’ve gone through just about everything you need to know on how to prep for CentriKid before your week of camp finally gets here. Now let’s walk through what you can expect when you arrive at Check-In at your location.

As you pull into your location, you will see CentriKid flags and staffers in red t-shirts, jumping up and down to greet you. All campers and adults except for the Group Leader will get out of your vehicle and go with staffers to finalize track time cards if they have not already been completed, receive giveaway t-shirts, and line up for the church group photo.

Group Leaders will go inside to take care of the indoor Check-In details. The first person you will most likely talk to is the Assistant Director. While talking to him or her, you will confirm camper numbers, fill out special attention cards, hand in your track time cards, and turn in your participant forms. You will also have the opportunity to turn in your photo/dvd forms and pay for them and your camper care packages. You can use a credit card, cash, or check. You will also get housing information and keys for your rooms.

You will be able to pick up your nametags and a few other helpful things, and then you and the CentriKid Director will walk out to find your group. You’ll receive your t-shirt then we will take your church group photo. After your picture is taken, you will be able to settle into your dorms and get ready for a great week of camp!

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