CentriKid Celebrates Birthdays

CentriKid celebrates birthdays in a big way!

Recently, I was helping remind kids at my church to sign up for CentriKid when one kid raised his hand. I called on him and he asked, “What week is camp?” I told him the week we are planning to attend and he replied, “but that’s my birthday.” Around the room, eyes got big, and other kids started saying, “YES!” and “ooooooh!” Why? Because those kids had been to CentriKid and they knew that CentriKid makes a big deal out of birthdays!

I quickly explained that some fun surprises were headed his way at camp, and the other kids got really excited as those words left my mouth. It’s so much fun to reassure a child that his birthday will be celebrated at camp. Many parents worry about sending their child away during his or her birthday week, but CentriKid is such a great place to celebrate a birthday, and I’m so glad that campers remembered that, even eight months later!

CentriKid works hard to help every kid have a life-changing experience at camp. For kids who celebrate birthdays during their time at camp, that means making a big deal out of each birthday that happens at camp! Want to be a part of the fun? Sign up today for the best week of the year!

Meredith Teasley

Meredith studied at Samford University and Beeson Divinity School. She worked camp for 8 years, then served in full-time children's ministry in Virginia before joining our team in January 2009.

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