A Note to Parents about Discipleship

Dear sweet parent —

Today is the day to start doing something.
I’ve heard a lot throughout the years about “Family Night” or “Family Meetings,” and you probably have, too. Growing up, it always sounded like forced fun where parents wouldn’t let one of my friends play because they had to sit in their living room and stare at each other for a few hours. I’m not advocating you do that, but I am advocating that you do SOMETHING.

I know that you probably feel like you can’t add another thing to your plate without it crumbling. It is ok to feel that way! God desires to give you the strength to begin discipling your children today.

Discipleship is building relationships so as to point others to Christ… and there is no relationship that can have a greater impact on a child than a parent’s.

Discipleship in the home doesn’t have to be a family devotional time of singing and Scripture reading. Discipleship doesn’t have to have a title like “Family Game Night” “Focused Friday.” Discipleship is meant to organically grow out of the daily teaching and caring of a parent.

It is ok that you don’t sit down every night together at the table and have deep conversation over dinner. It is ok that you sometimes feel more like a taxi driver than a spiritual guide. It is ok that you don’t feel prepared to disciple your kids, but that in no way provides permission to not do so. In the car on your drive home or to school, while you grab a snack in the kitchen on Saturday afternoon, when you are playing catch in the backyard, allow God to permeate your conversation. Seek to start one conversation a day with your child about God. Ask questions about their day. Ask them what they are learning about God. Share with them what you are learning.

Start today. Start teaching; start talking; start sharing. It doesn’t matter if you have an infant or a teenager; begin pointing conversations to Christ today and watch what He can do through you. Just commit to start and pray that the Holy Spirit will do the rest.

It is the most important thing you can do for your child. Begin now.
We are praying for you parents today.

Mary Carlisle

Mary is a University of Mobile grad, with a BA in English and Theology. She worked with CentriKid Camp starting as a staffer in 2007 and began working in the camp office in 2010. She joined the VBS team in November of 2012.

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