Specific Ways You Can Pray for CentriKid

Camp is almost here! The office team and your directors have been working hard to make sure that your kids have an awesome life-changing time at camp! Group leaders, we know that you too have been working hard to prepare for camp. This morning in our staff meeting, our entire Church Resource Division spent time in prayer for our camps! As camp gets closer and things get busy, know that you are being prayed for. We want you to join us in praying over all that the Lord is going to do this summer!

Here are some specific ways you can pray for CentriKid:

  • Pray for our leadership staff. Your Directors and Assistant Directors work especially hard to make things easy for your church and your kids.  They play a huge role in making camp happen. Not only do they lead camp, they lead our staff! While our staff invests in your kids, our Directors and Assistant Directors are constantly pouring and investing back into them.  Take some time to pray that the Lord would guide their leadership this summer.
  • Pray for our staff.  The Lord always amazes me when I see first-hand how our staff relate to your kids and their stories. I know there will be so many intentional conversations that our staff will have with your kids this summer. Pray that the Lord would use them to intentionally pour into your kids so that they might know Christ.
  • Pray for the thousands of kids that will come through our doors this summer. Pray that each one of those children would leave CentriKid having a life-changing encounter with Christ. That is the ultimate purpose in doing what we do.

Dr. Jerry Falwell said once that, “Nothing of eternal significance is ever accomplished apart from prayer.”

We hope that you will join us in praying for CentriKid. We will see you soon!

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