International Missions at CentriKid: Q&A about Orphans

This summer, a portion of CentriKid’s missions offering will focus on East Asian orphans. Christian workers there face huge challenges in helping these orphans, but God continues to open doors to meet needs and share his love. We recently asked them a few questions about life there to help us learn more about daily life of the orphans we will help. Share these facts with the kids in your church as you prepare for camp  and as you continue to pray for the orphans afterwards.

• What do the orphans usually eat? The usually eat soup, rice or noodles, but it depends on the food supply. The food is a small portion, and they rarely have meat or fish. Desserts and candy would never be seen. They normally get two meals a day, but sometimes have three.
• Where do they go to school? The orphanage has a special school facility on-site, and they go to school and study for 7-8 hours a day. The pressure to learn well and recite exactly as the teachers says is strong.
• Do they have daily chores? The children are responsible to take care of their own living area and keep things clean. Some of the orphanages also have farms nearby that the children will help out with, so they get to work with animals and crops.
• Do they brush their teeth and take a bath like us? Most of the orphans don’t have toothbrushes, but use salt and their fingers to keep teeth clean. Baths are also rare, and we don’t often see bathtubs.
• What kind of games do they play? What do they do for fun? The children love to play games like soccer, ping-pong and volleyball. They love to run and chase.
• Do they have a special morning or bedtime routine? Most of the time, the orphans are up by 6 and prepare for the day. They stick with other orphans of their same age group and do everything together as a group. At night, they often go to bed early because most orphanages don’t have electricity at night to turn the lights on.
• Where do they sleep? Do they have regular beds? It is most common to sleep on mats on the floor, although occasionally you will see bunk beds. There are often 10 or more kids sleeping together in one room.
• What do the kids think about Jesus? If you were to ask them who Jesus is, they wouldn’t have a clue! Because they are so closed off from the world, they have little opportunity to hear, but Christian workers among them know that meeting their needs will help open doors to change that fact.

To learn more about the OneLife project, check out their website or our posts about the project and about what your money can give!


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