Connect with CentriKid

Are you looking for more ways to connect with CentriKid all year round?

Check out all the different ways you can connect with us:

  • Facebook. This is where we share our blog posts and helpful information about CentriKid. Every once in a while, we also post fun contests and surveys. All you have to do is like the CentriKid Facebook Page to get in on all the fun.
  • Twitter. Twitter is a quick and simple way to connect with CentriKid! We tweet our blogs, information to know, and all kinds of fun things you can be apart of! We also love to re-tweet our followers who are talking about CentriKid! Just follow @centrikid to keep up with all of our tweets.
  • Instagram. Instagram is a perfect way to actually see what is going on at CentriKid. Follow us @centrikid to see photos from camp, the office, and even pictures of a special kangaroo!
  • Youtube. YouTube is where we share our promotional videos, peach videos, and other fun videos that you saw at camp! Subscribe to the CentriKid YouTube Channel to watch your favorite CentriKid videos!

You can even subscribe to our blog and have all of our posts emailed to you as soon as they are posted! Go to centrikid.com where you can enter your email address to have our blogs sent to your email! We post ministry tips, stories from camp, and even helpful information for group leaders and parents! Our blog  is another great way to connect with us!

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