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Tools for discipling your kids after camp

CentriKid 2013 has come to a close but the life-change that happened to campers does not have to end. Here are some great tools for you to use to disciple your kids after camp.

Encourage parents to ask their children these questions about the CentriKid week:

  • What was your key verse at camp? What does it mean? (“God’s dwelling is with humanity, and He will live with them. They will be His people, and God Himself will be with them and be their God.” -Revelation 21:3.
  • Tell me some things you talked about in Bible Study. What do those stories have to do with God being with us?  (Creation, the Tabernacle, the Israelites being led to the promise land by a pillar of cloud and fire, Joshua leading the Israelites, and the Great Commission.)
  • What are some different ways that we know God is with us?
  • What were some of the things the camp pastor talked about?
  • Did camp change you at all? If so, how?
  • What is God leading you to do?
  • What are you missing most about camp?
  • Did you make a decision at camp to do anything differently when you got home, or to live or act differently?
  • Do you have the book you got on the last day, with your daily quiet times in it?(Encourage kids to use this devotional for the next four weeks for their daily time alone with God.)
  • How can I pray for you this week?

Don’t forget about the after camp devotion guide!  Check out this link to find devotions that expand on what your campers learned at camp this past summer:

We are praying for you as you continue to disciple your campers after camp!

Register for CentriKid by 9/1 to Receive a Box of Chaos

Box of ChaosIn 2013, we had an idea to create a “Box of Chaos.” This box was loaded with lots of fun CK swag and other resources to help promote CentriKid Camps at your church and get kids signed up for camp. This idea came rather late in the season, so we were only able to pilot the Box of Chaos with a few churches. We received great feedback from the churches that did receive our box, and we also received suggestions of how to make the Box of Chaos an even more valuable recruiting tool.

For 2014, we are making the Box of Chaos even better! The box will be theme specific and will include promotional videos and other items such as a t-shirt and stickers. We don’t want to give away all the details because we want you to be surprised when you open the box, but, since it is called the Box of Chaos, rest assured that there will be items inside the box pertaining to our favorite game, Organized Mass Chaos (OMC).

How can you receive your very own Box of Chaos to help promote CentriKid at your church? It’s easy, actually! All you have to do is sign up for camp before September 1. You can register for CentriKid online or by calling 1-877-CAMP-123. Remember, when you pre-register for camp, there is absolutely no payment required until February 15. Click here to review our registration policies.

We think that CentriKid 2014 is going to be the best summer of camp yet, and we hope to see you there! We also hope that the  Box of Chaos will help you get kids excited about camp so that you can bring even more kids and give them the chance to hear about the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

Be sure to check our blog frequently for more valuable information about camp, including a sneak peek at the theme for 2014.

Henry Dutton

Henry received a MA in Christian Studies and a BA in English, both from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC. He began working for CentriKid in 2008 and joined the office team in 2012.





Make Your Games BIGGER with a Giant Beach Ball!

At CentriKid Camps in 2013, we added a giant beach ball to one of our favorite recreation games, “Run from the Boulder.” The result was amazing! The game was fun before, but the giant beach ball instantly made the game bigger, better, and way more fun. Plus it just looks awesome – the ball was actually taller than many of the kids at camp.

Beachball2Several of you have asked where you can get your very own giant beach ball. These beach balls are available from various vendors online. The easiest way to locate them is to search for “giant beach balls” on Google. You will probably also need some type of quick air pump, and these are available at WalMart or other retail stores. The beach balls are durable and suitable for use inside or outside.

Giant beach balls have almost limitless potential for fun. Replace a standard ball with a giant beach ball in almost any game to mix things up and add some excitement, or add it to pool games! Hopefully you will find this resource to be as fun and valuable as we have!

Have other questions about recreation equipment that you have seen at CentirKid Camps? Feel free to contact us!

Henry Dutton

Henry received a MA in Christian Studies and a BA in English, both from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC. He began working for CentriKid in 2008 and joined the office team in 2012.

LifeWay Kids Ministry Conference

KMCfunEach year, the LifeWay Kids team provides the Kids Ministry Conference. KMC is designed for children’s pastors, leaders, teachers, & volunteers. The team works hard to create a transformational experience for you, by providing great worship, inspirational messages, practical workshops, lots of laughter, & a ton of fun!

For 2013, KMC will take place at LifeWay Christian Resources in Nashville, TN. The dates for the conference are October 7-10. Some of the featured guests include Anthony Evans, Eric Geiger, JD Greear, Angie Smith, Jeffrey Reed, and Jennie Allen. You can choose from over 48 different workshops and conference options. Plus, the conference also includes a special concert at the historic Ryman Auditorium featuring Anthony Evans. To find out more about the conference, visit the KMC website.

We really believe in the training and content of KMC, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to attend both CentriKid and KMC. TODAY is the last day to take advantage of the special early bird price of $275 (regular price $329). Use the promo code KMCEARLYBIRD when you register. PLUS, If you attend KMC in the fall, then your spot at CentriKid next summer will be free! Mention this offer when you call to register for camp.

(Note: To receive a free spot at CentriKid from attending KMC, you must call Events Registration at 1-877-CAMP-123. This offer is not available by registering online or by text).

You will see many familiar faces from our CentriKid Camps team at the conference, and we hope to see you there, too! Register today!

With Jesus Christ being the center of everything we do, the LifeWay Kids team wants to be a part of a catalyst that leads you to go home refocused, refreshed, and ready to take their kids ministry to the next level.

Henry Dutton

Henry received a MA in Christian Studies and a BA in English, both from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC. He began working for CentriKid in 2008 and joined the office team in 2012.

10 Ideas to Make the Most of CentriKid

After a few years (ok 10) of going to CentriKid, these are things I’ve learned. Some may be universally true, some may just apply to my group, but I’ve learned that my attitude, understanding and preparation can really shape the experience our campers have!

1) Create care groups. Care groups of 5 kids can gather at your church group time to discuss questions and report on the day. Care group leaders can help you count the group quickly. Care group leaders can listen for spiritual decisions or struggles in your kids lives too.

2) Make your own “mobile SPOT.” When you need to gather your group, it can be easy to waste time looking for the stragglers. Put up a flag, a balloon on a stick, a blinking LED on a pole, or a poster board with your church name. If it sticks up above the crowd they’ll know where you are.

3) Backpack for each kid. Plan to buy the CentriKid backpack or get your own. There are cheap options out there that you can get imprinted with your ministry logo. Write names on the packs or get kids to decorate their own. It helps to keep up with their bibles, sun screen, bug spray, water bottle, etc.

4) Show grace. It’s important to realize you and your group aren’t the only show in town when you get to camp. Treat other groups with respect and some grace. Some groups are just mannered differently than yours, be patient.

5) We are all guests. It’s important to realize Centrikid is a guest and partner of the site of camp. Your camp site provides housing, food, and facilities.

6) Be the bank. Are you tired of “MR KIDMIN, I’M OUT OF MONEY” or “SOMEONE STOLE MY $20?” At your meetings, have parents deposit a max of $30 with an adult you’ve recruited to be the banker. Write an envelope with the kids name in it and the total they have in the bank. Bank will open before hang time and kids can pull money out. Banker can gently remind kids of how many days of camp they have left, how much they’ve spent, and to consider saving some for the missions offering.

7) Prepare for a rain forecast. Provide each adult a small umbrella or poncho. Provide gallon size ziplocks to protect Bibles and a dry shirt. Get kids to pack two pairs of shoes. Oh, and as to Bibles, don’t take the engraved one handed down through generations in your family, it won’t come back the same.

8) Prepare for OMC. Kids get hyper excited when they see their church leaders excited. Go to a party store and get crazy orange stuff for your adults. Get fired up. It’s SO fun. The more jazzed you are, the more jazzed the kids will be.

9) Make Wednesday Super Happy Nap day. During track times, catch up on the sleep you’ve missed. (Don’t tell the kids… or camp staffers.. oops!)

10) Encourage your camp staff at every moment. These students do camp, pack camp, travel with camp, get soaked, get gross, eat camp food, walk everywhere, and deal with hundreds of church groups ALL SUMMER. Hook em up with some treats. Help them with track times. Have a conversation with them at meals. HUG EM. These students deserve every ounce of care we can share with them.

Chris Giddens 2Chris Giddens is a self-proclaimed nerd. He’s also a husband, Dad and Children’s Minister at Pleasant Valley South Baptist. He generally does all this in Silver Creek, GA, unless he’s at CentriKid. He’s also been known to play with LEGO.





CentriKid is a 5 day, 4 night camp for 3rd - 6th graders to experience the time of their lives and learn more about the message of Jesus Christ!





Discipleship in Context


Do you write your own kids curriculum? Are you tired of doing that? Plum out of ideas? Ready to pull your hair out? Desire to be freed up to do more ministry with people? If so, LifeWay has an option for those of you who are looking for something specific to you… for your kids ministry… for discipleship… for your specific church and context. Let me tell you about it!
What is it? Discipleship in Context is the fancy name for custom curriculum. Not just curriculum you can tweak but curriculum written specifically for YOUR Sunday School or small groups and large groups and classes for all ages, kids through adults.

What exactly does that mean? You tell us what you’re studying or want to study (you can even give us specific Scripture passages) and we write the curriculum for you, customized for your specific church and context. Whether it’s walking through the Bible, being a part of a church-wide emphasis, or doing a short-term study on the kings of the Bible, we can make it happen for you… with a quick turnaround time!

For kids, what age group and types of contexts do you cover? We typically write for older preschoolers and all elementary kids. We can write closely graded material or broadly graded. We can write large group and small group outlines or self-contained classroom outlines for your church. We use your names for your environments (zones, table time, getting started, big group, extended session, kids worship, or any other names you might use).

Why would I need this type of curriculum? Maybe you’re doing a short-term study. Maybe you dream of kids, students, and adults all studying the same topic and passage. Maybe your pastor is preaching through a book of the Bible and you’d like all small groups to study the same texts alongside the sermons. This is designed to help churches by freeing up time from writing your own curriculum and by providing a solution when other curriculum just won’t work for your specific context. And, it’s content you can trust. You can even view some samples online.

How quickly can I get this curriculum? We are able to provide curriculum in 30 days or less!

What’s it going to cost me? Cost varies based on the project. Contact us for a free quote.

But I love my curriculum… Remember, it’s not just for kids, but something your adult ministry or student ministry could benefit from as well. Fee free to pass this blog post along to someone else in your church who may be interested in custom curriculum.

Other questions? Contact us and let us know how we can help. This is just one more way we hope to serve you in your mission of making disciples!

Hear more about Discipleship in Context and get a custom quote for your church at our website.

Meredith Teasley

Meredith studied at Samford University and Beeson Divinity School. She worked camp for 8 years, then served in full-time children's ministry in Virginia before joining our team in January 2009.





Safety & Security at CentriKid

One of our promises here at CentriKid is that camp is a safe place. We take safety very seriously, and make it a priority with kids. CentriKid is a safe place emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Rest assured that our staff embrace this promise and value the safety of your kids! In this video, Klista is going to tell you some specifics about how we make CentriKid a safe place!





Photo Friday

It has been a truly amazing summer at CentriKid! We have seen kids come to know the Lord all over the country and have witnessed first hand the truth that God is always with us! As camp comes to a close, we want to recap some of our favorite photos from the summer!

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