Tools for discipling your kids after camp

CentriKid 2013 has come to a close but the life-change that happened to campers does not have to end. Here are some great tools for you to use to disciple your kids after camp.

Encourage parents to ask their children these questions about the CentriKid week:

  • What was your key verse at camp? What does it mean? (“God’s dwelling is with humanity, and He will live with them. They will be His people, and God Himself will be with them and be their God.” -Revelation 21:3.
  • Tell me some things you talked about in Bible Study. What do those stories have to do with God being with us?  (Creation, the Tabernacle, the Israelites being led to the promise land by a pillar of cloud and fire, Joshua leading the Israelites, and the Great Commission.)
  • What are some different ways that we know God is with us?
  • What were some of the things the camp pastor talked about?
  • Did camp change you at all? If so, how?
  • What is God leading you to do?
  • What are you missing most about camp?
  • Did you make a decision at camp to do anything differently when you got home, or to live or act differently?
  • Do you have the book you got on the last day, with your daily quiet times in it?(Encourage kids to use this devotional for the next four weeks for their daily time alone with God.)
  • How can I pray for you this week?

Don’t forget about the after camp devotion guide!  Check out this link to find devotions that expand on what your campers learned at camp this past summer:

We are praying for you as you continue to disciple your campers after camp!

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