3 Ways to Keep Kids Excited about Church this Fall

Summer is over and fall is back! Kids are back in school and their busy lives of summer have just transitioned into their busy lives of school projects and fall sports. Kids are busier than they’ve ever been, so here are 3 ways to keep kids coming to church and keep them excited about what’s going on in your ministry!

1. Have a “Back to School Bash!” — This is a great way to kick off the new school year. Have awesome snacks, games, and prizes to encourage kids to come. This is also a great way to introduce the children who are moving up to a new class to their teachers and new peers.
2. Have a hayride and bonfire with s’mores! – This is a great fall activity that can become an annual tradition that all the kids will anticipate. Nothing signifies fall more than chilly weather, leaves, hay, and a fire—kids are guaranteed to have a blast! Have someone bring a guitar and lead everyone in worship to close the night.
3. PLAY OMC! Keep the kids excited about coming to church and eager for the summer by playing a Fall version of OMC! Check out to find all the different editions of OMC. Kids will enjoy getting messy and having fun with this familiar summer game.

We know it’s tough keeping kids involved during this busy time. These are just a few ways to keep kids involved, so you’ll be able to continue ministering to them. We’re praying for you as you disciple these kids throughout the year!

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