Don’t Miss these Breakout Sessions At KMC

KMC 2013 is almost here. Less than a month away the Kids Ministry Conference is an opportunity for children’s ministers to rejuvenate and learn helpful skills. What you learn from keynote speakers, worship experiences, and practical tips at workshops will benefit you and your ministry.

Below are some of the workshops offered at KMC…

Teaching Kids Contemplatively – A workshop by Dr. Shane Garrison about the use of silence. Getting kids to sit still. Creating meaning by slowing down. This session will examine how to teach children contemplatively and reflect in a world where this never happens anymore.
Discipleship in Context – Tired of writing your own curriculum? Learn how LifeWay’s new Discipleship in Context team, including workshop leaders, Michael Kelly and Meredith Teasley, can work with you to create custom curriculum for your children’s ministry or your entire church. Come hear how we can help, whether it’s a short-term study, a church- wide emphasis, or simply a year-long focus on a particular topic.
Ministry as Being: Revolutionary Spiritual Leadership – Matt Weston leads this session to discuss how one of our temptations as leaders is to believe that our ministry is defined by WHAT WE DO. However, Scripture teaches that our ministry is more centered in WHO WE ARE. In this workshop, we will explore the Biblical model for what it means to be a real spiritual leader.
Trends that Influence the Future of Kids Ministry – In this breakout, led by Bill Emeott, participants will consider trends that are influencing Kids Ministry and implications for our work today as we prepare to be ready for the future.

These workshops and many more at KMC will prepare you for another great year of Kids Ministry. All of the speakers, invited guests and workshop leaders want you to have a transformational experience while attending KMC. So don’t wait and register now.

Check out the KMC website to register.

Our staff believes in the experience provided by KMC and does not want you to miss out. Take this opportunity to allow yourself to recharge in this season of your ministry. It is such a valuable event we offer a free spot at CentriKid if you attend KMC.

We have heard that it would be a better service to you for this spot to be transferrable. Now you can transfer this spot to any adult within your church. Mention this offer when you call to register for camp.
(Note: To receive a free spot at CentriKid from attending KMC, you must call Events Registration at 1-877-CAMP-123. This offer is not available by registering online or by text).

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