Ministry Grid Is Coming Soon!

If you have ever struggled with developing leaders or finding times that work for everyone’s schedules, then we have some exciting news for you!  Ministry Grid is coming soon, and we want to give you some information about how it can help you more effectively train and develop leaders.

Ministry Grid is a web-based training platform that makes developing leaders simpler and more effective than ever before, removing the obstacles most churches face in training leaders and providing the right training at the right time, no matter the ministry role that needs it.

Ministry Grid features:

  • More than 1,000 video courses from parking lot ministry to the pulpit
  • A convenient web- and mobile-based platform for training anytime, anywhere
  • Intuitive Learning Management System to easily assign training, monitor progress, and assess giftedness for all your people
  • Customizable content, including the ability to upload your own and turn off unwanted content
  • Affordable subscription rates priced according to your ministry size

Here are the steps you take to get started with ministry grid:

  1. Sign up! Churches purchase an annual subscription based on their church size.  You can choose to pay by the month or in one lump sum for the year.  Video “How-to” sessions are available to help first time users quickly learn how to setup, use, and get the most out of Ministry Grid.
  2. Explore the Possibilities – Before starting to train, churches should browse the training course options already on Ministry Grid and learn the variety of ways Ministry Grid could help their ministry.
  3. Design Your Gride – This is as simple as deciding who needs to be connected to training and what training they need to see. Churches can give their leaders full access to all the content on Ministry Grid, or they can restrict access to what they decide is best for their leaders. Plus, churches can upload their own training content to truly customize how they train their leaders.
  4. Connect Your Church to the Grid – Inviting leaders to the Ministry Grid can be as simple as making an announcement or sending an e-mail. Leaders can either follow a link in their e-mail or visit Ministry Grid to setup their own free account. Then they simply “associate” their account with their church’s and gain access to all of the content that their church makes available.

Click hear to sign up for free, exclusive pre-release content!

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