7 Tips for ‘Wearing Many Hats’ and Managing Responsibilites

Wearing many hats, that is having lots of different work responsibilities, is not new, and in an even smaller work force it is only going to grow. As a kidmin leader or volunteer, you wear all kinds of hats (teacher, director, boo-boo cleaner, plumber, organizer, etc). Here are some tips to help:

  1. Become a morning person – Benjamin Franklin was right, “early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”. So, that is a slight exaggeration but it does make you more productive. Getting up before the world gets moving helps you focus and keeps distractions away. Get on a schedule that gets you moving in the morning. The most productive hours in the day are before 9:00 am and not after 9:00 pm.
  2. Get organized – There are lots of great programs, apps, and systems to help you get organized and almost all are “in the clouds” and function across multiple devises. The key isn’t having a system it is using one. My wife makes fun of my Saturday to do list but I accomplish so much more when I get up early and make my list. There is also something energizing about checking things off your list.
  3. Plan your week – I use Sunday evening as a time to look at my calendar for the week and begin to think big picture, remind myself of meetings to prepare for, and deadlines that loom. I also use that time to email important reminders for the upcoming week.
  4. Plan your day – If you are wearing a lot of hats you are going to feel pulled in a million directions. Schedule time for email, phone calls, and blocks of time for those things most important and or time sensitive.
  5. Schedule time off – For me Sunday afternoons are for watching football, enjoying a good movie or an unexpected cat nap. Everyone needs some down time.
  6. Build a team – Realize you can’t do it all and begin to build a team around you that you trust and love. Invest in them, train them well, and you can accomplish more than you could ever imagine.
  7. Lean not on your own understanding – Christ told us He would not give us more than we can handle so trust in Him. When things get most difficult and I just don’t know how I can get it all done is when I lean most on Him.

Wearing lots of hats is a balancing act. I have the responsibility of caring for my mother, wife and two kids. I also wear a number of hats for work. Recently my mother’s house flooded, we were refinancing our house, and I could not get our loan officer to return phone calls or emails. I desperately needed to get work done on my back yard, so my mom’s house would not flood again. At work I had a new boss, we were deep into budgeting, and training for camp was around the corner, to name a few of the hats I was wearing. I knew I wasn’t doing everything as well as I could but I was working 12 hour days at the office and going home to another 2 or 3 hours for things needed there. Somehow I have kept my nose above the water but I will admit there were days I felt the press of work and family all needing more than I could find time to give. However, God is good. There are days people don’t get all the attention from me they need or want but somehow God takes care of me and them.

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