7 Ways to Show Kids in Your Ministry Love on Valentine’s Day

I got assigned the Valentines Day post this year, because out of all our office team I am the Myers Briggs “feeler”. I am known as the one who at times leads with the heart instead of the head. So with great joy and love this feeler is putting forth 7 ways to show your kids in your ministry love on Valentine’s Day.

1. Parents Date Night
Friday is coming quick, you need a few last minute volunteers. This could be super popular to your parents, who are looking for a sitter. In return for your night of service you get a night to build relationships with your group.
2. Visit your Kids at their Elementary School
This is not always possible or if possible not always easy, but eating lunch could go a long way with your kids.
3. Write Individualized Valentines Grams
This is tough for big groups. However, everyone loves to hear the things people love about them. This can serve as your opportunity to let them know you listen to them.
4. Play Their Favorite Game
Are you ever bugged to play one particular game? Treat your kids to this game. They will be so excited they will forget it was Valentines Day, but you can remind them afterwards that is why they got to play it.
5. Do something out of the ordinary JUST FOR THEM
Pie in the face. It is just a suggestion, but the idea is to break up routine and do something that you kids will think is so fun and so hilarious. Maybe they can make the pies out of whipped cream and Sweethearts.
6. Buy Flowers to give to each of your kids
Make sure you can give one to every kid. You don’t have to make a big deal of it, but they can take it with them after the service. Now they have a present and kids love presents.
7. Show Love by Demonstrating Selfless Love
Figure out a way you can incorporate your kids in a service project. Maybe you can plant flower bulbs outside the church for the spring or go visit an assisted living community. Show your kids love very practically by showing them how to love others selflessly.

How do you show your children’s ministry the ultimate act of love? This takes creativity, intentionality, and customization. I cannot provide a perfect formula describing how to love your kids in the way they need. As a feeling expert I know that you need to be authentic and show your kids love in the way you speak love and in the way they need love.

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