REMINDER: Care Package & Camp Store Card Pre-Orders are Due on Monday

Don’t forget to fill out your pre-orders by Monday, April 14! Just click here to do so! In order to help ensure that we get everyone the care packages and camp store cards they need this summer, we are asking for you to go ahead and pre-order them now. We can guarantee that upon your arrival to camp, we will have the number of care packages and camp store cards requested via this form before April 14.

This is our third year to provide camper care packages and we are more excited about them than ever!  Each camper who orders a care package will receive a backpack, an OMC t-shirt, a pair of sunglasses,  a pair of socks, eye black, a buff, and a staff poster — all in their team color! This is a $35 value for $30. To better make sure we can meet your needs, we have included a section where you must include the sizes and colors your campers will need. We have left a spot on the parents’ form for them to provide this for you. Generally, the camper will want their OMC t-shirt to be the color of their CentriKid team. Double check grades with parents to make sure you mark this correctly. We can guarantee that we will have what you specified on this form, but can’t guarantee we will be able to switch colors once the camper gets to camp.

You will also need to indicate how many Camp Store Cards you would like pre-order.  Camp Store Cards are a new addition to the CentriKid Camp Store this year! Parents worry about kids losing cash or spending all their money on cokes or candy, so we are giving you the option to buy a Camp Store Card for your camper. The Camp Store Cards are to be used in the Camp Store during the week your child attends camp. If there is money left on the card, they will be able to use it the next year at the Camp Store.

We know camp is still a few months away, but it is important that you fill out your pre-order form by April 14 so that we can supply you with the items your campers need! If you miss the April 14 deadline, you can contact your camp director, understanding that they are on a first come, first serve basis, pending availability.
Feel free to email us at with any questions!

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