Thank You 2016 CentriKid Staff!

Happy Labor Day! 

I hope that you are enjoying a relaxing day off from school or work. Labor Day means that the summer is coming to a close and that cooler weather is coming soon. With that in mind I want to take this time to thank a very important part of CentriKid, our amazing staff! As you spend the day on the lake, catching up on your favorite Netflix show, or sleeping in we hope that you are resting in the fact that you are greatly valued. CentriKid would not be what it is without our staff. Over and over again we hear that the intentionality of CentriKid staff is one of the best parts of camp.

These young men and women work extremely hard to make sure that bible study rooms and the rec field are set up and ready for kids to learn about the gospel. They never miss an opportunity to talk with a kid to ask about their day and see what they are learning. We believe that ministry happens best in the context of relationships and these staffers are wonderful at building relationships with kids at camp. Whether it is at a meal time or walking across campus these staffers they are taking time to invest in kids lives every possible minute. There are a lot of ways that these young adults could spend their summers and we are beyond thankful for their dedication to the kingdom work that happens through CentriKid because of their work. I believe that we have the very best young leaders who serve in our camps.

Thank you, Centrikid staff for your energy, hard work, dedication, heart, and above all your passion for sharing the gospel with kids and adults who come to CentriKid. Your kingdom work does not go unnoticed and I hope that you know how incredibly thankful the CentriKid office team is for every single staffer that spends their summer to serve the Lord. Hundreds of kids came to Christ this summer and even more deepened their relationship with our savior. May the Lord bless you as you continue to serve in your school or workplace this fall. CentriKid staff, you are the best of the best and we hope that you understand the depth of our gratitude and understand that they impact of your service is eternal.

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Tiffany Francis

Tiffany graduated from Georgetown College with a degree in communication and media studies, and received her Master's Degree from Murray State. She has been with Lifeway Kids since 2010 and joined the camp team in 2014 where she works on Bible Study, the camp store, and many other elements.

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