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Before and After Camp Devos are Available!

The camp season starts in almost 5 months! For some of you, it seems like an eternity. For others, you may have just panicked and checked your to-do list!
However, you can begin to get kids excited about camp even now, using our BEFORE CAMP DEVOTIONS for church groups. When you get home from camp, keep the conversation going about what God did at camp, and what God is continuing to do in the lives of kids and adults! Just use our AFTER CAMP DEVOTIONS for church groups. For the after camp portion, we’ve even included ideas for Prayer Walks you can do together as a group to help kids continue to shine the light of Jesus in dark places!

Simply click on the logo below, and download the PDF.


We pray that the Lord will use even these before and after meetings to help leave lasting impressions on what it really means to really follow the One True Light!

Alli Sewell

Alli began working camp in 2012 and joined the office team in 2016. She has served as a Bible Study Leader and Assistant Director. Alli graduated from Carson Newman University with a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics in 2014. She loves all things Disney, Tennessee Vols, and showing everyone pictures of her nieces, Caroline and Waverly.





Pre-Camp Meetings – Use Your 60

On social media, you’ve probably seen us mention #UseYour60 and we wrote a blog about it too.  This is the heart of CentriKid, equipping adults and children’s ministry leaders to make the very most of their week of camp.  We provide detailed Group Leader Information, so download that for your week of camp (its found on your camp location-specific page).

Making every moment count can apply to your pre-camp meetings.  Don’t just use your meetings as informational meetings, use them as an opportunity to invest in the families who are trusting you with their child at camp.

  1. Relieve fears – especially those who are going away for the first time, or those parents who will be sending a camper away from home for the first time.
  2. Answer questions – you can prepare for some of these things, but leave time to answer questions about what the camp experience will be like, housing and roommates, when to pick up and drop off from the church.
  3. Explain safety – let parents know about your plans to monitor kids through the week, whether its a buddy system or having a leader from your group assigned to small groups of kids.
  4. Convey that camp is more than just fun and games – Share the spiritual direction for the week, begin teaching kids (and their parents) the key verse John 8:12.
  5. Set your clocks – Let parents know that worship is 7 to 8 PM, and they can pray for kids during that hour each night of camp… Knowing that they will be hearing from God’s word and hearing about the gospel.
  6. Make a packing list – Have parents send their camper with a Bible and pen. Like last year there will be notes pages for worship inside the camper nametags.  Talk about OMC and encourage them to label everything that goes to camp with the camper’s name.

In the pre-camp meetings with parents, pray for the upcoming camp trip and what God is doing in the lives of these families.

BONUS – Follow-up after the meeting with kids or parents who may have more questions. Your extra investment could go a long ways towards ensuring success for each camper.  Encourage those who have never been away from home before to have a trial run by spending a couple nights away from mom and dad with a friend or a grandparent’s house.

We believe God can work in the lives of kids in a powerful way when they are away at camp and we want every camper to be successful at camp.  Your pre-camp meetings will be a great opportunity to communicate information and your heart for ministry at camp.

Jeremy Echols

JE leads the camp team, finds new camp locations, plans training, and lots of other projects. He loves spending family time with his wife Emily and their daughter Madison.

Innovation in Kids Ministry

If you are a kids ministry leader, you want your kids ministry to be excellent, creative, and most importantly, reaching families for Christ. You also probably want to keep finding new ways to get across Biblical truths in creative and innovative ways to the kids in your ministry. Sometimes, though, it’s a struggle in itself to maintain a level of excellence with the nuts and bolts of your ministry (by studying your curriculum, planning events, and even just recruiting enough volunteers for a Sunday morning). You want to create new, and creative ministry tools and experiences for families, but how in the world are you supposed to find time and energy to dream, brainstorm, and innovate?

Here are some tips to help get you started down the path of innovation: 

  1.  Find your purpose. Everything in your kids ministry should be rooted in your purpose. Like at CentriKid, our purpose is rooted in Scripture–everything you see at camp will flow from God’s Word. Before you innovate, be sure you know what you want to accomplish. Write that purpose down somewhere that you’ll see it daily.
  2. Schedule Time to Innovate. Go ahead. Put some time on your calendar each week to simply sit, think, doodle, and brainstorm big ideas that you want to see happen in your ministry. If it’s not scheduled and routine, other things will overtake it, and you’ll never have time to dream. Simply put 30 minutes to an hour each week on your calendar, grab a cup of coffee, and get to dreaming!
  3. Don’t give up!  You can do it! The nuts and bolts of your kids ministry SHOULD definitely be taken care of and sometimes will take away from the chances you have to innovate. But don’t give up! You can definitely allow your creativity to influence your style of kids ministry leadership, and if you keep trying, God will use you and your innovation to continue to make the gospel clear to kids.

Micheal Walley

Micheal is a CentriKid Camp Specialist and a volunteer in his church's kidmin each week. He has been serving with CentriKid since 2011 and on the office team since 2014. Micheal loves talking about kids ministry, leadership, coffee, and his wife, Anne Marie.