2017 Theme Song Now Available!

Camp is so close and we are excited to reveal that the 2017 CENTRIKID THEME SONG IS NOW AVAILABLE! We are excited that your kids will be singing this song every day at CentriKid this summer!

You can purchase the “Adventure Awaits Theme Song by visiting this link or by searching “Adventure Awaits CentriKid’ in the iTunes Store. (Not available via Apple Music)

Check out the lyrics below:

Adventure Awaits! Woah!
Adventure Awaits! Woah!

We’re following, discovering.
We’re on a quest, we’re searching.
We want to see the Truth,
You’re Guiding us,
You are inviting us!

Adventure Awaits!
Jesus is the One True Light!
Adventure Awaits!
The gospel brings our hearts to life.
Adventure Awaits!
Following His Holy Word.
Adventure Awaits!
Shine His Light to all the world!

Jesus’ Light reveals my Need.
Jesus Shows the Way to Me.
Jesus Light has brought me Life.
Help me, Lord, to shine your Light!

You can find out more about our 2017 theme, Adventure Awaits, here. It’s also not to late to join us this summer! Check out this link to find the closest CentriKid location to you, or call 1-877-CAMP-123 to register! What are you waiting for? Adventure Awaits!

Micheal Walley

Micheal is a CentriKid Camp Specialist and a volunteer in his church's kidmin each week. He has been serving with CentriKid since 2011 and on the office team since 2014. Micheal loves talking about kids ministry, leadership, coffee, and his wife, Anne Marie.

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