Our Promises

Come to Camp & Know You'll get These Things

Solid Biblical Content

Communicating the Gospel to kids is why we do camp. At CentriKid you'll find solid biblical content woven throughout every element of camp, from interactive Bible studies and fun rec games to worship, activity tracks, and even hang time. We are a camp with a clear purpose – building a biblical foundation for kids!

A Safe Place

We take safety seriously, and make it a priority with kids. At camp you’ll find a safe place for kids—emotionally, spiritually, and physically. You can rest assured that our trained staff value the safety of your kids!

Ministry Through Relationship

Our staff will invest in your kids’ lives by showing the love of God through they way they live. Staffers aren’t performers; they are ministers. Meanwhile, we take care of all the details of camp, so you can focus on relationships with your kids rather than running around with a clipboard delegating tasks, or worrying about picking up the rec field.

Kid Friendly programming

We are committed to providing excellent programming that keeps kids engaged. We know they learn differently at each stage of life. We train our staff to teach kids about Christ in a way they can grow and learn with kids their own age. In addition to Bible study, we keep God’s Word at the center of every aspect of camp.